Congratulations to the Following Graduate Students

Congratulations to the following graduate students who were awarded Graduate Student Research Grants from the Geological Society of America. Awesome job!

Nancy Duque $2500 “Analyzing strain, kinematic partitioning and fluid flow along a strain gradient in metasedimentary rocks along the Southern Iberian Shear Zone, Andalucia, Spain”








Jiyan Hatami $1250 “Sorption of 2-Naphthalene Sulfonate to Organic-Rich Sediments in Batch and Column Experiments”






Gayantha Kodikara $795 “Mapping zeolites in Lake Tecopa through remote sensing and its implication on Mars”







Jordan Ludyan $1250 “Trace elements as a recorder of hydrothermal fluid conditions: implications for Mars”







Eduardo Luiz Menozzo da Rosa $1375 “Unravelling the late Paleozoic ice extent in southern Gondwana through the glacial valleys of Kaokoveld, NW Namibia