Congratulations to our four May 2020 MS graduates

Congratulations to our four May 2020 MS graduates! Clockwise from upper left (all wearing virtual graduation hats) are Leslie Bychinski, Ji-In Jung, Chad Martin, and Ken Oanes.

Leslie Bychinski’s thesis was titled “Pesticides in urban/suburban water wells in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha counties in Wisconsin” and her advisor was Shangping Xu.

Ji-In Jung’s thesis was titled “A feasibility study of microbialites as paleomagnetic recorders” and her advisor was Julie Bowles.

Chad Martin’s thesis was titled “Characterization of water pathways and hydrolytic weakening within naturally deformed quartz grains along the Willard Thrust Fault, Utah” and his advisor was Dyanna Czeck.

Ken Oanes’s thesis was titled “Simulating the effects of urbanization and climate change on ground water recharging using the USGS precipitation and runoff modelling system (PRMS)” and his advisor was Shangping Xu.

Congratulations and we wish you well in your future endeavors!