3/18/23 Near the Coast of Ecuador 6.7

Earthquake Details Seismogram Explanation
Location: Near the Coast of Ecuador P-wave: 17:21:13 UTC; 12:21:13 pm CDT
Date: March 18, 2023 S-wave: 17:27:57 UTC; 12:27:57 pm CDT
Time: 17:12:23 UTC; 12:12:23 pm CDT The vertical axis is in units of displacement in centimeters.
Latitude: 2.85 S The horizontal axis is in units of time in seconds.
Longitude: 79.80 W The beginning of the file is the origin of the event.
Magnitude: 6.7 Mw There was a 7.4 event about 9 hours later roughly in the same area.
Depth: 20.5 km This event caused some damage and at least 13 deaths.
Distance: 46.50 degrees (~3,148  miles from Milwaukee)