Licensing and Enforcement

The UWM Licensing and Enforcement Program is designed to protect the logos, seals, names, symbols and slogans associated with the University and are the exclusive property of UWM. Reproduction of these marks for resale, promotional or other commercial purposes must have university authorization. This protects against the manufacture, display or sale of merchandise without the university’s consent.

UWM partners with IMG College Licensing for the administration of its licensing and enforcement program. The University’s Licensing and Enforcement Program generates money for student scholarships, with over $80,000 raised in 2016-17 (a 106 percent increase over 2015-16).

Campus departments, student groups or individuals interested in ordering branded merchandise for any purpose should familiarize themselves with the policies in place regarding branded merchandise. UWM has a robust licensed vendor list, existing relationships through its purchasing department with local licensed vendors and access to brand-name merchandise through a variety of sources.