Branded Merchandise Day

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s Branded Merchandise Day brings licensed vendors and campus partners together.

The initial Branded Merchandise Day took place in November of 2018 and focused on introducing campus customers to local vendors and to the best promotional ideas from other departments on campus. In November of 2019, the event added additional vendors and focused its education programming on the updates to UWM’s brand taking place across the University.

For many campus partners, Branded Merchandise Day serves as their sole opportunity for face-to-face interaction with vendors they use annually. It also serves as their introduction to UWM’s licensing program and how the office manages branding, products, vendor relationships, purchasing and more.

For licensees, it is a chance to enhance current business and solicit new business. Because most departments on campus make their own decisions regarding promotional and marketing spending as well as product selection, individual outreach to those departments is the most effective way to connect. Branded Merchandise Day allows this to occur in a compact, efficient time window.

Branded Merchandise Day will return in spring 2022.

See the list of licensed vendors that attended in 2019