Students who were recently (within the last two years) or are currently employed in a school may be permitted to use some work hours to meet the field component of the course. Employment must be professionally-related direct involvement in a setting where at least 40% of students receive free or reduced lunches and 50% of the students are of a race the student does not share.

The number of hours will be determined on an individual-case basis. Students are required to enroll in the course, attend classes, and complete required field experience assignments used to assess potential for a career in teaching.

To request a waiver of all or part of the required 50 hours complete the form below. The request must include documentation from the school’s administrator on letterhead indicating the racial and socioeconomic make-up of the student body. The student must also provide written documentation describing the alternate field experience.

Deadline to submit is the end of the second week of school for fall and spring placements and by the end of the first week of school for summer placements.


The academic advisor will review the form for completion and required documentation and forward the form to the appropriate program chair for review and decision. The program chair forwards the form to the department chair for review and decision. The advisor will update the student’s record with approval and email the student to inform them of the decision (approved or denied).