The purpose of this form is to request a substitution or waiver of a course or program requirement.


Tips for completing the form:

  • Include only one program change request per form.
  • Requests for course substitutions of General Education courses cannot be granted using this form. If you would like to request a course substitution of a General Education course, please visit the General Education Requirement Waiver webpage or contact your academic advisor directly.
  • Type your Rationale in the web form below.
  • Upload the following supporting documentation to assist faculty in making decisions about your request. This should include:
    • Syllabus from course being requested as a substitution
    • Copy of transcript

Upon receipt of your request, your advisor will forward it to the appropriate faculty member for consideration.


The academic advisor will review the form for completion and appropriate documentation and forward the form to the appropriate faculty member.

Approved requests will be entered on the Advisement Report by the academic advisor. An email will be sent to you by the academic advisor upon confirmation of the decision. The original is retained in your permanent file. If you need assistance please contact the appropriate academic advisor at 414-229-4721.