The MIDD is supporting research projects at UWM, local Institutions and Universities and private and non-profit companies. Each project follows a tailored research plan taking advantage of the capabilities provided by the MIDD Research Centers. The MIDD supports internal and extramural funding applications and initiates collaborations with the private sector. Direct support by the MIDD will be granted to enable quick progression of milestones or preliminary data for grant applications. MIDD members have authored 274 journal or technical report articles since inception in 2011. In addition, several hundred presentations (posters or talks) by faculty or students were delivered at national and international scientific meetings.

Novel Treatments for Asthma Targeting GABAA Receptors in the Lung


ROS-activated prodrugs for targeting triple-negative breast cancer


Development of New Analgesics for Neuropathic Pain


Development of a Novel Microtubule Inhibitor for Cancer Treatment

Development of Brain-Penetrant Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors to Enhances Memory Formation


New and Efficient Therapeutic Targets for Glioblastoma


Direct Acting Antivirals for Pandemic Prevention


Development of antibiotic alternatives for disease management