Startup Companies

The MIDD has worked with several local startup companies. Some of these companies were founded after significant research was conduced in collaboration with the MIDD. The Institute offers fee for service to companies that have limited research space or are interested in specific services. The industry projects are supported by academic research groups. This format provides valuable industry experience for students and hiring opportunities for companies.

Pantherics focuses on the development of small molecules that target peripheral GABA(A)Rs for non-CNS indication such as asthma, COPD, and inflammatory diseases. (Douglas Stafford, CEO)

Estrigenix’s lead compound selectively binds the estrogen receptor beta receptor and is currently in development for hot flashes and dementia. (William Donaldson, CEO)

T3 Bioscience 
T3 Bioscience is developing new anti-pathogens based on bacteria and small molecules. (Daniel Burgin, CEO)

Function Therapeutics 
Function Therapeutics develops anti-inflammatory agents called parmodulins, which interact with protease-activated receptor 1. (Chris Dockendorff, CEO)