Professor Sandeep Gopalakrishnan joins the MIDD

We are delighted to welcome Professor Sandeep Gopalakrishnan as new MIDD member. Dr. Gopalakrishnan is a Professor of Nursing, who received his MS in Clinical Laboratory Sciences and PhD in Health Sciences from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee followed by a postdoctoral… Read More

Contributions by Undergraduate Students is essential for the success of the MIDD

Recently, two undergraduate students Molly Drosen and Amy Reyes were highlighted by UWM Letters & Science INFOCUS for their scientific contributions in the area of drug discovery and development. Both undergraduate students were looking for research opportunities related to medicine… Read More

Adjunct Professor Avik Roy has been elected as MIDD member

We are delighted that Dr. Avik Roy is now part of the Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery. He received his PhD in Neuroscience from Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. His primary research interest is identifying molecular targets and designing… Read More

Professors Madhusudan Dey and An Phu Tran Nguyen join the MIDD

Associate Professor Madhusudan Dey and Assistant Professor An Phu Tran Nguyen are the most recent additions to our group of MIDD members. Both researchers are members of the Department of Biological Science at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Professor Madhusudan… Read More

A $1 million dollar grant from the USDA has been awarded to Ching-Hong Yang to fight apple fire blight

Professor Ching-Hong Yang and his research team have secured a $1 million dollar grant from the USDA Organic Transit program, advancing the innovative project titled “Revolutionizing Organic Fire Blight Management: Harnessing the Power of Novel Biocontrol Bacterium Pseudomonas soli T307.”… Read More

Biological Science Professor and MIDD member Ching-Hong Yang was awarded major grant to control citrus tree disease

The project, titled “Evaluate the Effectiveness of RAA, a Natural Metabolite, in Controlling HLB through Foliar Spray and a Combination of RAA with Oxytetracycline via Trunk Injection,” has been awarded a substantial $1.4 million from the USDA, ECDRE program to… Read More

Prof. Peng and Arnold received funding from the UWM Research Foundation to investigate the in vivo efficacy of novel combination therapy for cancer using ROS-activated prodrugs and prooxidants.

Current cancer drugs most often do not distinguish between malignant cells and healthy cells thus leading to the many side effects seen during cancer chemotherapy. Dr. Peng’s group has designed patented cancer pro-drugs which are selectively activated by conditions that… Read More

A R15 grant from the National Cancer Institute was awarded to Prof. Xiaohua Peng titled “Novel DNA cross-linking agents and combination strategies for tumor-specific activation”

Cancer cells are in a state of increased basal oxidative stress due to their aberrant growth. As a result, cancer cells have elevated levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) compared to normal cells. This feature has been employed to develop… Read More

MIDD member Karyn Frick was awarded a multimillion-dollar grant to study estrogenic regulation of the hippocampal ubiquitin-proteasome system and its role in memory and structural plasticity.

Memory impairment is a defining characteristic of many neuropsychiatric disorders, however, an understanding of the complex neural mechanisms regulating hippocampal memory formation remains elusive. To investigate this neural mechanism, the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke has awarded several… Read More

Professor Qingsu Cheng has joined the MIDD

We are delighted to announce Professor Qingsu Cheng has newest  MIDD member. Dr. Cheng has previously worked as postdoctoral researcher at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Research Scientist at the University of Nevada in Reno. Dr. Cheng’s research focuses on… Read More