A $1 million dollar grant from the USDA has been awarded to Ching-Hong Yang to fight apple fire blight

Professor Ching-Hong Yang and his research team have secured a $1 million dollar grant from the USDA Organic Transit program, advancing the innovative project titled “Revolutionizing Organic Fire Blight Management: Harnessing the Power of Novel Biocontrol Bacterium Pseudomonas soli T307.”… Read More

Biological Science Professor and MIDD member Ching-Hong Yang was awarded major grant to control citrus tree disease

The project, titled “Evaluate the Effectiveness of RAA, a Natural Metabolite, in Controlling HLB through Foliar Spray and a Combination of RAA with Oxytetracycline via Trunk Injection,” has been awarded a substantial $1.4 million from the USDA, ECDRE program to… Read More