Professor Shama Mirza received UWM funds to predict responses to anti-VEGF therapy in recurrent glioblastoma

Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most aggressive of all brain tumors with limited treatment options and no cure. Even after multimodal treatments by surgical resection of tumor, chemo and radiotherapy, the prognosis is poor (median survival <15 months) and recurrence is… Read More

Function Therapeutics receives SBIR award to study acute kidney injury (AKI)

This 4th research grant won by Function Therapeutics, valued at up to $413,908, is titled “Inhibitors of Thromboinflammation for Acute Kidney Injury”. Function and the lab of Dr. Chris Dockendorff have collaborated with the MIDD for around 10 years. More recently,… Read More

Professor Arjun Saha receives prestigious UWM Discovery and Innovation Grant

Cytokines are very important inflammatory signaling molecules that have been intensively studied since their identification in 1957.  Crystal structures and recently electron microscopy structures of cytokines in complex with their receptors have been reported but their quaternary structures involving several… Read More