MIDD members are participating in the ACS SEED program

We are very proud of our MIDD members that support the ACS SEED (Summer Experience for the Economically Disadvantaged) this year. The ACS project enrolls  more than 350+ students nationally for a 8-10 week summer program at different US Universities…. Read More

MIDD members received several awards from the UWM Research Foundation

The productivity of MIDD members during the last academic year was rewarded with several awards from the UWM Research Foundation. Patent awards were granted to Dr. Karyn Frick, Distinguished Professor, Neuroscience Area Chair, Neuroscience Major Director and CSO of co-founded… Read More

MIDD partner Function Therapeutics received NSF SBIR award

Function Therapeutics, a firm performing medicinal chemistry and pharmacology at UWM since June 2022, recently received a Phase 1 SBIR award from the National Science Foundation. The grant, Structure-guided design of anti-inflammatory modulators of protease-activated receptor 1 (PAR1), will support… Read More

Simmaron Research located in the UWM chemistry building received NIH funding

We are happy to share that Avik Roy working as CSO at Simmaron Research received a NIH R21 grant in the amount of $450,000. The purpose of the grant is to study the role of autophagy-related protein ATG13 in the… Read More

New MIDD members from Department of Biomedical Science

We are delighted to announce that three excellent faculty from the Department of Biomedical Science have joined the Milwaukee Institute for Drug Discovery. Professor Janis Eells (left) is a pharmacologist with an appointment as Adjunct Professor at the Medical College… Read More

Karyn Frick and Nigel Rothfels received MSTEM award from National Institute of Aging

UWM’s STAR program seeks to help fill that gap by preparing students from underrepresented backgrounds for graduate training and careers in aging and public health. The UWM STAR program is a multi-year, cohort-based program that matches students from underrepresented backgrounds… Read More

Drs. Saha and Premnath appointed as MIDD members

We are delighted to announce two new MIDD members: Arjun Saha, Assistant Professor from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry investigates the development and application of novel computational chemistry and biophysics approaches to gain fundamental understanding of remarkable biological processes… Read More

Steve Weitman appointed as MIDD member

The MIDD has welcomed Steve Weitman as new member. Dr. Weitman was the AT&T Distinguished Chair for Drug Development at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio and is currently enjoying his retirement in Wisconsin. He obtained… Read More

MIDD Symposium 2023

The MIDD Symposium will bring together UWM faculty members, students and followers supporting interdisciplinary research in Drug Discovery. This is a in-person and online event. This year we invited speakers from our industry partners and startup companies located at UWM…. Read More

Taufeeque Ali appointed MIDD research assistant for Spring 2023

Graduate Student Taufeeque Ali has been selected by MIDD members based on scientific merit and potential to accelerate the development of Novel Combination Strategies for Tumor-Selective Activation of ROS-Activated DNA Cross-Linking Agents. Together with undergraduate students Dhivyashree Senthil Murugan, Alexis… Read More