Research & Labs

CSI provides an environment in which teams of researchers from industry and academia can work together to explore concepts related to the application of research in integrated business and manufacturing processes.

The Institute features a fully functional manufacturing cell that utilizes advanced systems, including:

  • Lot size of 1
  • Full track-and-trace per item
  • Use of AI for quality and performance tracking
  • Use of AI for raw materials tracking
  • Robotics and mechatronics programming
  • OT cybersecurity
  • High and low order modeling
  • Digital twin simulation, both locally and remotely
  • Remote access to data generated in the lab

This research environment is designed to nurture an understanding of IIoT manufacturing principles. It also integrates the disciplines of engineering, physics, and business with software, hardware, and firmware solutions. The goal is to provide a place in which creative ideas can be tested and proven – inspiring new functionality and scalability in real-world business applications.

UWM’s world-class faculty contributes expertise in combination with some of the world’s most respected talent from diverse fields. This includes experts in everything from advanced manufacturing systems to the social and business impacts of technology.