CSI Hackathon

AI Hackathon

🗓️ Starts: Nov. 13, 2023, 9:00 a.m.     💻 Hackathon: Online     🕖 Ends: Dec. 4, 2023, 9:00 a.m.

This is your opportunity to hone your programming skills and develop an AI solution for the Connected Systems Institute!


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Currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate UWM students may participate.


1-5 students per team


Free online for UWM students

🏆 Prizes

1st: $1000 Visa gift card
2nd: $600 Visa gift card
3rd: $300 Visa gift card

Info Session

Stop by the Connected Systems Institute on Friday, November 17th, between 1:00-2:00, to ask questions and tour the facility. CSI’s Research and Technology Coordinator, Shamar Webster, will be on hand to answer your questions. No need to register. Just show up!


1️⃣ Vision

Background: At the heart of advanced manufacturing is the need for precision and accuracy, which extends into pharmaceutical, culinary, and other manufacturing domains where accurate recipe execution is crucial. The Connected Systems Institute (CSI) at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) is a leader for innovation in industrial processes, including those in the health and food manufacturing sectors. By leveraging the institute’s strong foundation in the industrial internet of things (IIoT) and its advanced manufacturing testbed, there is a unique opportunity to address the pervasive issue of recipe inaccuracies in manufacturing.

Challenge: This hackathon invites participants to harness the capabilities of the IIoT, including machine learning and computer vision, to create a vision solution that guarantees the fidelity of recipes in manufacturing. This challenge aligns with CSI’s mission to drive forward-thinking in industrial practices through collaborative research and development projects. Solutions must integrate seamlessly into the connected manufacturing environment and support a demand for digital precision in production.

Click here for additional information, including resources and evaluation criteria.

2️⃣ Generative & Natural Language

Background: The advanced manufacturing test bed at CSI is a cutting-edge environment, pivotal for innovation and research. However, its complexity is daunting for those not versed in the manufacturing sector. There is a compelling need to streamline this intricate knowledge, making the test bed’s processes transparent and comprehensible to all.

Challenge: This challenge calls for the creation of an intelligent chatbot that can act as a virtual guide to the CSI advanced manufacturing test bed. The chatbot should be designed to make the technicalities of the test bed’s operations clear and accessible to anyone, regardless of their background in manufacturing. By conversing with this chatbot, users should be able to gain a clear picture of what is happening underneath the hood of the test bed, as if they had an expert by their side.

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3️⃣ Optimization

Background: In the realm of manufacturing, particularly within CSI’s innovative environment, optimizing processes for maximum throughput and reduced waste is a critical goal. In the context of recipe production, understanding which features most significantly affect the overall output rate can lead to more efficient operations. With a vast collection of recipe data from our dry- and wet-fill testbed, CSI is in a unique position to explore these optimization opportunities.

Challenge: We challenge participants to delve into the data and identify key features of recipes that impact the overall throughput in recipe production. The goal is to enable an increase in the volume of recipes produced without compromising quality or increasing production time. By applying data analytics, machine learning, and optimization techniques, participants are expected to provide insights and solutions that can be applied to enhance recipe throughput.

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All content must be uploaded into Canvas by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, December 4. See the AI Hackathon Submission Deliverables document for details.

Selection of Winners

Teams who complete the challenge will be invited to present in-person before a panel of industry partners and UWM faculty judges at CSI on December 8, when we will select the top three winning teams.


The data provided for CSI’s AI Hackathon is the intellectual property of CSI. As such, CSI retains ownership of any solutions developed using this data. Participants are prohibited from using the solutions derived from CSI’s data for monetary gain or any purposes beyond the scope of this hackathon.


For access to data or the facility, contact CSI’s Research and Technology Coordinator, Shamar Webster, at webste63@uwm.edu

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