Workforce Innovation


Digital Manufacturing

2.1 Million Manufacturing Jobs Could Go Unfilled by 2030*

A shortage of qualified labor for manufacturers exists across the entire state of Wisconsin. Eighty-three percent of 400 executives recently surveyed for the  2021 Wisconsin Manufacturing Report stated they were having difficulty finding the right talent. Expanding the scope for national view, 500,000 U.S. manufacturing positions remain unfilled at any given moment (Deloitte). At issue is the jobs skills gap. 

Find, Train, Retain Talent

CSI aims to create the workforce of the future – one that understands the manufacturing domain, the reasons for implementing technology, how to measure financial results, and finally, how to formulate an IIOT strategy and implementation plan. We will achieve our mission via a combination of resources that help employers find, train, and retain talent.

CSI’s referral network connects early talent with our trusted referral network. Further, our growing portfolio of courses, workshops, and lectures provides training for digital solutions the manufacturing sector demands. Finally, our courses and partner network provide guidance for employers to understand the organizational changes required to retain talent.

Plan a Course to Tomorrow’s Jobs Today

UWM faculty and industry experts teach courses on connected systems basics for both business and engineering students. The curricula also include courses on related topics, from data analytics and cybersecurity to supply chain management and organizational change.

The pace of digital transformation in the manufacturing industry will likely continue to redefine work for humans. Companies that want to survive in the Industry 4.0 economy need to proactively invest in workforce training to ensure they have employees with the requisite skillsets for an increasingly automated production environment.

*Deloitte Manufacturing Institute, May 2021