The SAP University Competence Center (UCC) at the Lubar College of Business is one of only five UCCs throughout the world. The center provides hosting services and technical support to universities that participate in SAP’s University Alliance.

SAP University Alliances is designed to inspire connecting students around the world interested in SAP solutions, careers, and research opportunities. Students participate in classroom sessions, app development, networking opportunities, and events.

The UCC at the Lubar College currently hosts over 200 universities in the U.S., Canada, Korea, Thailand, and Japan. We operate over 50 production SAP systems and utilizing its own private cloud environment to deliver SAP to over 100,000 students a year.

In its unique position as a UCC host, the Lubar College of Business benefits from the” in-house” expertise of faculty and staff, hardware and software, and SAP University Alliances partnerships to help its students gain knowledge and experience in SAP. The College’s Undergraduate Certificate in ERP and Online Graduate Certificate in ERP leverage the strengths of the UCC to provide an outstanding learning experience for our students.

SAP UCC Faculty & Staff Affiliates

Ross Hightower
  • Director, SAP University Competence Center
  • Senior Lecturer, Information Technology Management
Sandra Mollberg
  • Information Processing Consultant, SAP University Competence Center
Andrea Zweifel
  • Administrative Specialist, Center for Technology Innovation & SAP University Competence Center


Ross Hightower
Director, SAP University Competence Center
Lecturer, Information Technology Management
Lubar Hall S341