Student Profile: Jumana Al-Juma

Jumana Zohair Al-Juma is nothing short of impressive. Born and raised in Milwaukee, she absolutely loves the city, and there was no question that she wanted to stay here for college. All throughout middle school and high school she would come to UWM on field trips, and every single time she felt more and more like UWM was where she was meant to be.

Jumana Zohair Al-Juma

Jumana Zohair Al-Juma

Jumana originally planned to pursue a degree in Biological Sciences, but she quickly discovered that area of study was not for her. Communication classes were initially recommended to her by coworkers. At first she was a little hesitant, but when she researched all the career options she could have with a Communication degree, Jumana instantly rerouted her academic path and declared her major in Communication! When asked about her college experience overall, Jumana stated: “I feel that if your academic journey is not challenging, then you’re not doing it right.” She shared that some of her most difficult semesters were those when she took Arabic classes—she said that if she had done better with Arabic, she would have pursued a minor.

On top of being a full-time student, Jumana also works for BelAir Cantina. She started as a server in 2012, but was quickly promoted to marketing manager in late 2013. She currently runs all of their social media platforms, including multiple Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. In addition, she is responsible for all BelAir shirt and sticker orders — she orders over 12,000 stickers a month! Her responsibilities also include planning staff events, running the online store, and planning the company-wide holiday party. Jumana is a great example of someone who is able to use her always-evolving communication skills, and work in a job that not many would automatically associate with pursuing a Communication degree!

You can catch Jumana on campus studying on the third floor of the library (her favorite) or hanging out in the Gasthaus with friends. She also really enjoys eating at all of Milwaukee’s unique restaurants and frequenting farmers markets, gay bars, and exploring all the music scenes! In her free time she likes to travel with her boyfriend, play with her dogs, hang out with friends, and spend time with her mother.

After graduation she plans to continue working for BelAir Cantina and watch the company grow. She noted that even though she loves Milwaukee, she would like to eventually move somewhere that is consistently warm. But, no matter where life takes her she wants to stay in the social media and marketing area, and maybe even dabble in a radio a bit!

Jumana has a bright future ahead of her, and we look forward to watching her grow and receive her Communication degree!

by McKenna Skerhutt