Student Profile: Dominic Zanoni

This past semester recent alumnus, Dominic Zanoni, was the winner of the Fall Semester Student Public Speaking Showcase held by the Department of Communication. Zanoni was chosen by his classmates in his Communication 103 Public Speaking class to participate in the showcase, and he was honored to partake in the opportunity. He described his speech as being about how individuals can maintain a consistent and positive attitude each day by cultivating habits, including showing gratitude, that strengthen their self-image.

Zanoni, who graduated with a Marketing major, wants to ultimately be a motivational speaker, and he felt that taking this communication course and speaking at the showcase was a great experience that coincides with his future goals. Being a life coach, traveling, and giving hope to people across the globe are some of Zanoni’s other life pursuits. Public Speaking ended up being Zanoni’s favorite class of the semester especially because he enjoyed his instructor, Mr. Jim Vining. He described his personal experience at the showcase as his favorite memory at UWM by far.

Dominic Zanoni

Dominic Zanoni

Looking back at the showcase, Zanoni remembers being very calm while having a little bit of nerves. However, he focused on his breathing, which allowed him to overcome the nerves and do a great job. He described presenting his speech at the showcase as a bit of an out-of-body experience. He remembers feeling very happy during the speech and when everyone clapped afterward. The good feedback he got after his speech made him feel encouraged and excited.

The Hartland, Wisconsin native chose to attend UWM because of the proximity to his hometown and because it is a great school. He loves Milwaukee because there are areas that fit every type of mood, and he feels it fits college students’ needs. His favorite place on campus is the fountain where he likes to sit on the bench and take in the fresh air. In Zanoni’s free time, he likes to read books about leadership.

Zanoni was an inspiring person to talk to and his outlook on life was refreshing. When asked if there was anything else we should know about him, Zanoni replied, “I just hope I can leave this world a better place than it was when I came.”

By Meagan Sklar, UWM Communications Major