Presentations/Posters/Panels – September 2015

Olson, K. M. (2015, August). Recovering pity to motivate Americans to corrective action on Africa’s Ebola crisis: Lessons from Kenneth Burke and Senator Christopher Coons. Paper presented at the biennial National Communication Association/American Forensic Association Conference on Argumentation, Alta, UT.

Ruppel, E. K., Blight, M. B., Cherney, M. R., & Fylling, S. (2015, June). An exploratory investigation of communication technologies as a means to alleviate communicative difficulties and depression in older adults. Paper presented at the International Association for Relationship Research mini-conference, New Brunswick, NJ.

Willes, Karina. (2015, April 16). Assisted Conception for Lesbian Couples: Barriers and Progress. Paper presented at the Central States Communication Association annual convention in Madison, WI.