Presentations – February 2015

Recent presentations by members of the Department of Communication include:

Baker, B., & Lambertz-Berndt, M. (2015). Gay and lesbian sexual script initiation. Presented at Equality Research to Action Conference: Dearborn, MI.

Dhillon, K. (2015, January). Transcending the revolution: Visually resisting dominant conceptions of veiled Muslim women protesting in Tahrir Square. Paper workshopped at the Midwest Winter Workshop at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL.

Harness, L. (2014, February). Distance education & technological advancements summit. Presented at Education Learning Initiative Annual Meeting, Anaheim, California.

Salek, T. A. (2015, January). Navigating the volatile waters of gun control: Obama’s rhetorical leadership in the aftermath of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. Paper workshop at the Midwest Winter Workshop, Evanston, IL.