Jacki Willenborg

Teaching Assistant
 Johnston Hall 323A


PhD, Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (expected 2023)                                    MA, Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2019                                                              BA, Communication Studies, University of Iowa, 2017

Research Interest

My research interest lies in mental health communication, specifically how mental health disorders (such as anxiety, mood, identity, and personality disorders) affect everyday communication patterns and styles. Additionally, I study various aspects of communication that may contribute to or be existing triggers or mental distressors to individuals.

Teaching Experience

COM 101 – Introduction to Interpersonal Communication


Activities Coordinator, Communication Graduate Student Council, 2018-present                          Reviewer, Central States Communication Association, 2018                                                          Undergraduate Student Representative, Communication Graduate Student Council, 2017-2018 Student Ambassador, University of Iowa Communication Studies, 2016