Samentha Sepulveda

Teaching Assistant
 Johnston Hall 324


PhD, Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Expected 2021)                                    MA, Communication, Media and Theater, Northeastern Illinois University, 2017
BA, Communication, Media and Theater, Northeastern Illinois University, 2015

Research Focus and Goals

I conduct research on how we communicate with and about other species of animals (internatural communication), where I apply a critical lens and rely on qualitative research methods to challenge how these communication practices interact to either challenge or preserve speciesism and other forms of oppression. In essence, I explore the systematic and institutionalized oppression of animals in communication texts and interpersonal and internatural interactions. It is my long-term goal to conduct research that alters social norms and values by shining a light on species inequality in our societies.

Courses Taught

Communication 464 – Theory and Application of Persuasion                                                                  Communication, Media, and Theater 306 – Strategic Communication and Advocacy Campaigns

Communication 300 – Interviewers and Interviewing                                                                            Communication 105 – Business and Professional Communication

Academic Professional Experience

Adjunct Instructor, Northeastern Illinois University                                                                      Graduate Assistant, Northeastern Illinois University                                                                                    Summer Transition Program Assistant, Northeastern Illinois University