Moon (Matthew) Rorer

Teaching Assistant
 Johnston Hall 334


PhD, Communication, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee                                                                        MA, Communication, Valdosta State University (2021                                                                              BA, Communication, Columbus State University (2019)

Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant – University of WI-Milwaukee (Fall 2022-present)                              COMM 105 Business & Professional Communication                                                                              Graduate Teaching Assistant – Columbus State University (Fall 2019-Spring 2021)                        COMM 3498 Radio Practicum

Professional Experience

Guest Lecturer at Columbus State University

“Verbal and Nonverbal Communication.” For COMM 2136 Group Communication, lecture. (Spring 2021)

“Decision Making and Problem Solving.” For COMM 2136 Group Communication, lecture. (Spring 2020)

Points of Pride

Rorer. (2021). “New age of online image crisis: Influencers.” Presented at The Prosper Tsikata Research Colloquium – Valdosta, GA

Master’s Thesis: (2021).”Narratives in the American South: LGBTQ+ in the Bible Belt”

Minor Research Paper (Unpublished): (2021) “Sus-Tok: An analysis of queer performance by cisgender, heterosexual men on TikTok.”

Research Interests

I have two main research interests: identity and gaming – and how those two elements are separate from one another, and how they intersect. With identity, I’m interested in the nonverbals of identity, identity development, shifts, etc. With gaming, I’m interested in how a person or group of people present themselves and interact with other people and the game itself.

Fun Facts About Me

  • My family is from England (The county of Worcestershire)
  • I have a twin sister
  • I love cats
  • Always excited to be in nature
  • Love to write (papers, stories, poems, etc.)
  • I worked in the radio/voice work industry for six years