Brittany Peterson

Associate Professor and Director of e-Learning, Ohio University

Assistant Professor, School of Communication Studies
Coordinator of E-Learning Development, Scripps College of Communication
Ohio University
MA, Communication, UW-Milwaukee 2005
PhD, Communication, University of Texas at Austin 2010

“I was always the kind of student who met deadlines without fail…until one day when I didn’t. In a panic, I emailed the professor and asked if I could still prepare the summary for class the next day. He agreed to let me bring the information to class to share but noted that the assignment was indeed going to be classified as late. I felt the consequence of my actions in the final course grade but the valuable lesson learned will last a life time. This story is illustrative of how the faculty at UWM fundamentally shaped my understanding of what it means to be a professional in the academy. They taught me that compassion can walk alongside consequence and that respect and integrity supersede perfection. Perhaps most importantly, they taught me how to write well, to constantly strive, and to remain grounded in that which is most important.”