Tae-Seop Lim

 Johnston Hall 230


PhD, Communication Studies, Michigan State University
MA, Communication Studies, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
BA, Mass Communication and Political Science, Seoul National University


My research focuses upon cross-cultural, international, and global communication processes. I am particularly interested in identifying the most fundamental constructs that bring about cultural differences. Recently, I am working on a theory of culture, that can overcome the limitations of well-known cross-cultural theories such as Hofstede’s cultural dimensions and Hall’s theory of context.

Courses Taught

Commun 350 – Intercultural Communication
Commun 450 – Cross-Cultural Communication
Commun 550 – International and Global Communication
Commun 750 – Theory and Research in Intercultural Communication
Commun 850 – Seminar in Intercultural Communication
Commun 950 – Theory Development in Communication and Culture

Selected Publications

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