Emily Godager



PhD, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (Expected 2023)                                                                  MA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2019)                                                                                        BA, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2016)

Research Interests

My research focuses on organizational communication, specifically at the intersections of work and life. My dissertation research will examine new parents’ work-life experiences reconciling their worker and parent identities and subsequent resocialization into the workplace following parental leave.

My past research projects have examined organizational member experiences following leader exits, receiving social support when working remotely during COVID-19, how individuals reconceptualized time while working remotely during COVID-19, and the work-life experiences of nontraditional workers.

Undergraduate Courses Taught

Commun 103 – Public Speaking                                                                                                            Commun 105 – Business and Professional Communication                                                                  Commun 310 – Communication in Organizations                                                                            English 101 – Introduction to College Writing