Mike Allen

 Merrill Hall 251


PhD, Michigan State University, 1987
MA, University of Wyoming, 1983
BA, Lewis and Clark College, 1981

Research Interests

Social influence in personal, relational, organizational, media, and public contexts

Teaching Interests

Research methods, nonverbal communication, sexuality, persuasion, and argumentation

Courses Taught

Argumentation, Sexuality, Meta-Analysis, Quantitative Research Methods, ANOVA and Multiple Regression, Public Speaking, Nonverbal Communication, Communication in a World of AIDS, Philosophy of Applied Communication, Persuasion, Family Communication, Conflict, Organizational Communication

Other Professional Activities

2011 Central States Communication Association Federation Research Prize
Former Editor of Communication Monographs, Communication Studies
Ranked in the top 25 of active research career scholars based on number of published works
Top Paper, Peace and Conflict Studies Division, National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, 2010
Top Three Paper, Argumentation and Forensics Division, National Communication Association Convention, San Francisco, 2010

Recent Publications

FeFebvre, L., Rasner, R., & Allen, M. R. (2020, September). "I guess I’ll never know..": Non-initiators account making after being ghosted. Journal of Loss and Trauma, 25, 395-415.
Allen, M. R., LeFebvre, L., Lefebvre, L., & Bourhis, J. (2020, September). Is the Pen Mightier than the Keyboard: A meta-analysis comparing the outcomes of notetaking method. Southern Communication Journal, 85, 143-154.
LeFebvre, L., LeFebvre, L., Allen, M. R., Buckner, M., & Griffin, D. (2020, September). Metamorphesis of public speaking anxiety: Student fear transformation throughout the introductory communication Course. Communication Studies, 71, 98-111.
Adebayo, T. R., & Allen, M. R. (2020, September). The experiences of the international teaching assistants in the US classroom: A qualitative sutdy. Journal of International Students, 10, 69-83.
LeFebvre, L., Yilmaz, G., LeFebvre, L., & Allen, M. R. (2020, February). Argumentative Competence in cooperative learning groups: Members’ use of evidence and nonevidence. Communication Teacher, 34, 68-86.
Leah, L., LeFebvre, L., & Allen, M. R. (2020). Imagine all the People: Use of Virtual Reality in Public Speaking. Imagination,Cognition, and Personality, 40, 34pp.
Allen, M. R. (2020, January (1st Quarter/Winter)). Understanding the practice, application, and limitations of meta-analysis. american behavioral scientist, 64, 74-96.
willes, Motel, & Allen, M. R. (2019, September). No matter what: A qualitative analysis of how LGBTQ families and allies define family through an interactive art project. Journal of Family Communication.
LeFebvre, Allen, M. R., & Yilmaz, M. R. (2019, September). Argumentative communication in cooperative learning groups: Members’ use of evidence and non-evidence. Communication Teacher.