UWM Department of Communication Asian American Solidarity Statement

As members of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Communication department, we affirm our solidarity with Asian Americans and denounce all forms of violence and discrimination against them. As communication scholars, we recognize the importance of using our teaching and scholarship to interrupt and challenge discourses of white supremacy that continue to represent Asian Americans as exotic Others. These discourses, particularly in the forms of racist and misogynistic objectification of Asian women and problematic political rhetoric that has wrongly blamed members of the community for the ongoing COVID pandemic, have contributed to the recent violence against members of the Asian American community. We reiterate our commitment, as previously put forth in our Statement on Antiracist Work, to dismantling systems of oppression and to supporting affected members of the UWM community. We welcome our students and colleagues to engage us in conversations about these issues.

If you have experienced or witnessed a hate or bias incident, please consider reporting it via this link so UWM can support you and work on providing a safe and inclusive environment.

For any members of the UWM community who are experiencing trauma related to this violence, please reach out to Norris Health Center’s counseling services. The Norris Health Center’s Let’s Talk service is a particularly approachable resource where you can sign up online for a half hour slot and often meet 1-on-1 with a counselor the next day.

For more resources on self-education and self-care to help you combat hate and violence against Asians, please check out this list of resources compiled by the Asian Faculty and Staff Association of UWM:

Resources on Anti-Asian Violence

*Originally compiled for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee panel on anti-Asian violence during COVID-19 (3/11/21); resources continue to be added. Please feel free to share. Credit can be given to the Asian Faculty and Staff Association of UWM; questions can be directed to nguyen39@uwm.edu.
(Note: All links below leave this site.)

National Resources

For Educators

National conversations and interracial solidarity

Learn History

Modern day Asian American Activists to follow

For Children and Families

Talking to Kids about Racial Justice


UWM/Milwaukee local resources for help/support