In the News – October 2014

Karina Willes and her spouse, Kami Young, are one of the eight plaintiff couples fighting for the overturn of the same-sex marriage ban in Wisconsin. The plaintiffs have won the initial case and the in the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals. The State has filed a writ of certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court, which is being reviewed on September 29. Karina has featured in quite a few articles about the case, including:

Karina and Kami

Sandra Braman performed in “Lines of Thought” at the Media Ecology Association conference (Toronto, June). The performance was an improvisational exploration of ideas about the impact of information and communication technologies on society. “Lines of Thought” was directed by John Oswald (a well-known composer in experimental music circles) and included solos and duets by artists, academics, and entrepreneurs.

Louise Zamparutti’s work will be on stage when Windfall Theatre presents Identita’, a one-act comedy based on her research. Louise studied residents of the Italian-Slovenian border region. The play concerns ethnic and political division within a family and heterogeneous memories of World War II and was awarded two grants from the UWM Slovenian Arts Program.

Katherine Rafferty and her spouse, David Rafferty, announced that Sebastian David was born on 7:26am on September 19. He weighed 8 lbs. 8 oz and was 20.5 inches — Congratulations!