Colleen Galambos, Ph.D., ACSW, LCSW-C, FGSA

Center Scientist

Center Scientist; Helen Bader Endowed Chair in Applied Gerontology
Social Work

Interests & Expertise:
Dr. Galambos’ research interests include care transitions and advance care planning, aging in place, health and long term care systems quality improvement, gerontechnology, and interprofessional practice. Most recently, she worked as an investigator on several research projects aimed at improving long term care, funded by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, National Institutes of Health, and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, totaling over $37 million dollars in grant support.

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Current Projects:
Dr. Galambos is currently working on an intervention research study that uses advance practice nurses supported by a professional team to reduce potentially avoidable hospitalizations from skilled nursing facilities. She is also evaluating the perceptions of short stay skilled nursing facility residents and families on their involvement in the discharge planning process. Other research includes research on the impact of adapting RED for skilled nursing homes and evaluating the impact of its use on discharges to the community. Another research project is examining the role of skilled nursing facility social workers and social service departments in the care transition process. She has also conducted research on improving the enactment and use of advance directives in skilled nursing facilities.

Selected Publications:

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Galambos, C.M., Greene, R. R., Cohen, H.L., & Kropf, N.P. (2018). Foundations of social work practice in the field of aging: A competency-based approach (2nd ed).
Washington, D.C.: NASW.

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