“Teaching Media Archives” aims to formalize the Mellencamp Archive (UWM Film Studies) as an instructional asset by developing and implementing an undergraduate certificate program in Media Archiving and Curating. The Collaboratory will focus on grant writing, course development, and identifying ways to expand, rather than replicate, an already existing curriculum while facilitating interdepartmental connections, visiting speakers, and consultants.

Faculty members: Tami Williams (Film Studies and English and Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece (Film Studies), along with other faculty in English and History. We are also excited to welcome new members from outside of L&S, including Lori Felker (Assistant Professor in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres) and Shiraz Bhathena (Digital Archivist at the Golda Meir Archives),

Student research assistant: Hugo Ljungbäck (Film Studies)