C21 Director Anne Basting to present at UCSC All-In Conference

The All-In Conference brings together scholars, students, community members, artists, and activists to exchange stories and share strategies for building trusting relationships for collaborative research and social change. Anne Basting will be presenting Can a Humanities Center Co-Create? Expounding upon… Read more

C21 Director Anne Basting Highlights Lonely No More! on WPR

C21 Director Anne Basting talking about C21’s Lonely No More! Program and the results of our participatory research project survey on WPR’s Central Time with Rob Ferrett. The discussion featured some discussion about our roundtables, podcast, and book club alongside… Read more

Anne Bonds and Derek Handley Featured on Curious Campus

C21 Advisory Committee member Anne Bonds and C21 Faculty Fellow Derek Handley talked about their project, “Mapping Racism and Resistance in Milwaukee County,” on WUWM’s Curious Campus on February 17th. Take a listen to the 30-minute episode here!