C21 has long been interested in public and digital humanities projects, with podcasts fitting between the two. From 2019-2020, former C21 graduate fellow Mallory Zink headed the Center’s first podcast series, Inside C21Inside C21 was a podcast that explored research in the humanities that would help listeners make sense of the 21st century. Music for the podcast included songs by former C21 graduate fellow Allain Daigle, and the guests of the show featured speakers and C21 faculty fellows hosted by the Center.

In 2022, C21 launches a new iteration of Inside C21 to foreground its new programming structure. Called 6.5 Minutes With..., these episodes will feature interviews that provide six-to-seven minute snapshots of work and research related to the new themes that guide the Center: Well, Duty, and Trust. The episodes are meant to be introductions (or closing remarks) to speakers, fellows, and community members hosted by the Center. The shorter format accompanies the longer readings and roundtables associated with the rolling symposia that serve as the foundation of C21 programming: encouraging participation at all levels of (including time constrained!) participation.

6.5 Minutes with… C21

A small podcast with BIG ideas. Short audio introductions by the experts and community leaders hosted by the Center for 21st Century Studies at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.

Inside C21

In 2019-2020, C21 Graduate Fellow Mallory Zink launched the “Inside C21” podcast, showcasing fellows and visitors of the Center.

Recorded Talks