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The Nourishing Trust symposia focuses on how food acts as an anchor for trust-building relationships.

Over the course of the 2022-2023 academic year, C21 will offer an array of programming and content centered on food’s unique relationship with trust: food and land access as catalysts in this relationship, food as a means of developing connection across communities, and the policy decisions which continue to affect our relationship with food.

As with all C21 symposia, Nourishing Trust will have multiple points of access honoring multiple ways of knowing, allowing academic scholars, community experts, and general audiences to explore how food helps narrate past injustices and the regeneration and restoration of community building and nutritional access today.

Roundtable Conversations

These virtual gatherings of scholars and leaders, designed to inform and deepen conversations on a range of topics. Each one has its own curated list of readings / viewings that can be integrated into formal and informal classroom discussions.

Trust in Context (Thursday, February 23, 1-2:30 PM)

A conversation about the histories that inform food and land justice efforts today. 

  • Laura Manthe, Oneida Nation
  • Adrienne Petty, William & Mary College
  • Jayson Porter, Brown University

Trust in Theory (Thursday, March 30, 1-2:30 PM)

A conversation about the philosophies behind equitable food production systems built on trust.

  • Elizabeth Gabriel, Groundswell Center
  • Cherie Rivers, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Martice Scales, Full Circle Healing Farms

Trust in Action (Thursday, April 20, 1-2:30 PM)

A conversation about how trust operates in current food and land justice efforts. 

  • Linda Black Elk, United Tribes Technical College
  • Anton Seals, Jr., Grow Greater Englewood
  • Brittany Koteles, Nuns & Nones Land Justice Project

Interactive Book Club

To expand the scope of our roundtable conversations, the Interactive Book Club is a resource to promote discussion, collaboration, and exploration. In line with the topics of each roundtable in the Nourishing Trust series, we have put together a book club, complete with guest recommendations from panelists and other relative resources.

See the Nourishing Trust Interactive Book Club series below:

Food Journeys Participatory Research Project

In connection with our Nourishing Trust programming, we’re gathering stories about peoples’ individual Food journeys. This survey includes six questions that aim to document the specific pathways to places that people frequent for nourishment. It aims to map our “food journeys.”

The results of this survey will be used to complete a series of narrative and visual projects – including a food journeys map – all aimed to help community partners connected with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) and Center for 21st Century Studies (C21) understand the significance of this topic. For these purposes, this survey asks for and logs your geographic location. You can choose to disclose part or all of your name. Otherwise, this survey remains anonymous.

This project accompanies a series of roundtable discussions, podcast episodes, and short-form publications – all exploring how food and land can be anchors for exploring ideas of trust and community-building.