The Center for 21st Century Studies has a long history of bringing cutting-edge scholars to UWM for guest lectures, whether through our themed speaker series, conference keynotes, or dialogues with other scholars on exigent issues. Beginning in 2011, C21 began compiling recordings of these guest lectures on the C21 YouTube page. Please visit this page to see all of our recorded lectures.

In “Weaponizing Loneliness,” the third roundtable discussion in our “Lonely No More!” programming, we focused on the topics of incarceration and solitary confinement: memory, resistance, and resilience inside and outside these spaces where isolation works as punishment by the carceral state. C21 Director Anne Basting moderates the following discussion:

In “Nonhuman Kinship,” the second roundtable discussion in our “Lonely No More!” programming we ask the following questions: In what ways does loneliness manifest for nonhuman animals and in the nonhuman world? How might we rethink loneliness and connection with nonhumans in mind? As we reimagine and reinvent kin, how do spaces for human-nonhuman connection grow and develop in the age of robots, machines, computers, and AI? C21 Deputy Director Nicole Welk-Joerger moderates the following discussion:

In “Lonely Infrastructure,” the first roundtable of our Lonely No More! programming, we seek to answer the following: What are the physical and social infrastructures that are contributing to “lonely societies” or that can be mobilized to support the increasing number of people living alone? C21 Director Anne Basting moderates a discussion between experts and community leaders about the definitions of loneliness, programs that unmake it, and the significance of libraries as intermediaries in building community connection. It can be seen here:

This one-day symposium on April 8, 2022 was a celebration of the career of feminist scholar, Jane Gallop, featuring a set of academic roundtable conversations with former graduate advisees. Roundtable 1 featured E.L. McCallum (Michigan State), Eric Hayot (Penn State), Gary Weissman (University of Cincinnati), and Kelly Klingensmith (Western New England). Roundtable 2, featured Christie Launius (Kansas State), Kate Haffey (University of Mary Washington), Shawna Lipton (Willamette), and Ali Sperling (Technische Universität Berlin).