Read Aneesh Aneesh’s New Piece in Noema: “Citizenship Is a Myth”

Former C21 Faculty Fellow Aneesh Aneesh (Sociology, UWM) has a new piece featured in Noema! The piece, “Citizenship is a Myth,” speaks to the crisis of citizenship that informs the Trumpian politics of membership (and all such politics from India… Read More

Call for 2021-22 UW-System Fellows: Due March 1

Our call for 2021-22 UW System Fellows is now open! Applications are due Monday, March 1, 2021. Each year the Center constitutes a group of UWM Faculty Fellows, as well as an external System Fellow, to contribute to C21’s mission… Read More

Former Fellow Aneesh Aneesh Featured on CNN’s “A Global Solution”

Former C21 Faculty Fellow Aneesh Aneesh was recently featured in CNN’s video series, The Y2K Story! Aneesh is featured in Episode 5: “A Global Solution,” which discusses the effects of U.S. companies outsourcing programming work in preparation for Y2K to… Read More