The following groups will be active with C21 starting in the Spring 2022 semester.

Critical Asian Humanities Reading Group

The Reading Group is a tight-knit group of individuals who will continue to work together to find ways to increase the visibility of UWM’s offerings in Asian Studies, towards diversifying the perspectives of our community. In fact, this C21 Collaboratory represents the only institutional structure at UWM that supports the scholarly study of Asia.

Faculty members: David DiValerio (Principal Investigator): Associate Professor, History and Religious Studies Xin Huang, Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies Nan Kim, Associate Professor, Department of History, Xin Yu, visiting assistant professor in the History Department, and Hilary Snow, Lecturer, Honors College Lia Wolock, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication.

Digital Cultures

The DCC will have seven major projects in 2022-24. Some of these (Twitch channel, symposium series, Honors College collaboration) continue efforts already underway. New ventures will be undertaken jointly by faculty and students on the model of previous projects, from Serious Play to a proposal for micro-credentials in game development.

Faculty members: Thomas Malaby (Anthropology), Stuart Moulthrop (English), Nathan Humpal (Golda Meir Library), and Krista-Lee Malone (UW-Madison).

Student members: Casey James O’Ceallaigh (English), Ryan House (English), Erik Kersting (English), Laya Liebeseller (Anthropology), and Josh Rivers (Anthropology).

Muslim Milwaukee Project with Fanana Banana

The Muslim Milwaukee Project aims to further understanding of the Muslim communities in the Milwaukee area, to highlight the diversity of identities and experiences and challenge Islamophobia, and to build networks among scholars, artists, and community members who share these goals. Working in partnership with local Muslim community leaders since 2010, we have conducted a household survey and an individual survey, as well as individual and focus group interviews, and have organized various events.

Faculty members: Anna Mansson McGinty (Geography, Women’s and Gender Studies), Kristin Sziarto (Geography, Urban Studies), and Caroline Seymour-Jorn (FICL), Amal Azzam and Nayfa Naji (Fanana Banana).

Reproductive Justice

This group aims to create a space where researchers at UWM and reproductive justice community advocates in Milwaukee can work together to address systemic injustices disproportionately affecting Black, Latinx, and other women and trans people of color. In working together, we hope to develop a project that helps bring attention to reproductive injustices in Milwaukee but also that acts as a resource for making substantial changes to improve the conditions within which individuals can exercise their “human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities” (SisterSong).

Faculty members: Rachel Bloom-Pojar (English), Maria Novotny (English), Kristin Sziarto (Geography), and M. Estrella Sotomayor (Spanish).

Student members: Kristiana Perleberg (English), Madison Williams (English), and Danielle Koepke (English), Muriel Marseille (Urban Studies), and Annabelle Ahlers (Psychology, undergraduate).

Teaching Media Archives

“Teaching Media Archives” aims to formalize the Mellencamp Archive (UWM Film Studies) as an instructional asset by developing and implementing an undergraduate certificate program in Media Archiving and Curating. The Collaboratory will focus on grant writing, course development, and identifying ways to expand, rather than replicate, an already existing curriculum while facilitating interdepartmental connections, visiting speakers, and consultants.

Faculty members: Tami Williams (Film Studies and English and Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece (Film Studies), along with other faculty in English and History. We are also excited to welcome new members from outside of L&S, including Lori Felker (Assistant Professor in Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres) and Shiraz Bhathena (Digital Archivist at the Golda Meir Archives),

Student research assistant: Hugo Ljungbäck (Film Studies)

Tending Tomorrow

Tending Tomorrow aims to build compassionate transdisciplinary teams that use story and myth to reimagine near-future realities in southeastern Wisconsin. The goal is to experiment with various communication platforms and use storytelling to promote wellness and connection throughout the region.

Faculty members: Coe Douglas (Peck) and Trudy Watt (SARUP), Amelia Coffaro (LEC), Camille Mays (Founder of Peace Garden Project MKE), Dennis Merritt (Jungian Analyst and Ecopsychologist), Chelsea Wait (SARUP/Peck), Jeff Zimpel (Arts@Large).