We believe that methods, practices, and knowledge of the humanities have the potential to address contemporary problems around injustice, climate change, aging, inequitable access to resources, and social conflict. However, actual career pathways to achieve these goals remain unclear. Pathways in Public Humanities examines how a Humanities student can gather resources, build a resume, and find ways to apply their engaged humanities skills in innovative ways. We organize workshops to explore current job opportunities, learn about resume and portfolio writing, get career advice from diverse humanities professionals, search for summer fellowships and internships, and learn graphics and design skills.

Pathways in Public Humanities is student led and collaborative across disciplines because it calls upon our collective wisdom and creative intelligence to address this issue. We are interested in identifying and exploring skills, internships, jobs, and credentials that will allow a prospective public scholar to “write their own job descriptions” in ways that address contemporary problems and build a vibrant world.


  • Anne Basting (Faculty, English)
  • Rachel Bloom-Pojar (Faculty, English)
  • Rachel Buff (Chair, History)
  • Liam Farin (Undergraduate Student, Urban Studies)
  • Lane Hall (Faculty, English)
  • Nan Kim (Faculty, History)
  • Nick Miller (co-convener) (Graduate Student, History)
  • Maria Novotny (Faculty, English)
  • Jason Puskar (Faculty, English)
  • Brianna Quade (co-convener) (Graduate Student, History)
  • Amanda Seligman (co-convener) (Faculty, History)
  • Arijit Sen (co-convener) (Faculty, History)
  • Yuchen Zhao (Graduate Student, Urban Studies Programs)