We are interested in bringing together scholars, artists, practitioners who are interested in examining, organizing, and disseminating the history and culture of South Asian diaspora in the United States. Immigrants from South Asia are diverse in terms of gender, class, religion, national origins, and languages yet little is known of them. How do they contribute to culture and life in the US and how do they engage with other minority groups? South Asian Diasporic History and Culture seeks to address this gap in our knowledge.


  • Frischa Aswarini (Graduate student, History, UWM)
  • Maria Rose Francis (Doctoral student, Urban Studies Programs, UWM)
  • Nirmal Raja (Independent artist, Milwaukee)
  • Sharath Raja (Independent scholar and Desi Wisconsin creator, Milwaukee)
  • Kumkum Sangari (English, UWM)
  • Arijit Sen (History, UWM)
  • Dilruba Shuvra (Doctoral student, Architecture, UWM)
  • Mania Taher (Doctoral candidate, Architecture, UWM)
  • Lajwanti Waghray (Independent filmmaker, Milwaukee)
  • Lia Wolock (Communications, UWM)