2019-20 Collaboratory Groups

Digital Culture (“Serious Play”) Collaboratory
Serious Play is a group for game studies research that livestreams their gameplay from the Center for 21st Century Studies and gained @Twitch affiliate status last year.

Faculty members: Thomas Malaby (Anthropology), Stuart Moulthrop (English), Nathan Humpal (Golda Meir Library), and Krista-Lee Malone (UW-Madison)

Student members: Casey James O’Ceallaigh (English), Ryan House (English), Erik Kersting (English), Laya Liebeseller (Anthropology), and Josh Rivers (Anthropology)

Media Studies Research Group: Women, Media, and the Archives
The Media Studies Research Group studies film, television, and new media. Activities include running film print preservation workshops, with plans to put on a conference on women film pioneers in early cinema in conjunction with Milwaukee Film.

Faculty members: Tami Williams (Film Studies and English), Elana Levine (English), Michael Newman (English), Joe Austin (History), Christine Evans (History), and Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece (Film Studies and English)

Student research assistant: Hugo Ljungbäck (Film Studies)

Graduate Certificate in Digital Culture Collaboratory
The group is building an interdisciplinary graduate certificate in digital culture studies. With involvement from faculty and staff from across the university, the certificate is intended to unite disparate work and teaching in the areas of digital culture, information studies, CS, and new media already underway in various places with the goal of offering graduate students a complete certificate program in this area. The Collaboratory expects the new certificate to launch in 2021-22.

Faculty members: Jason Puskar (English, the Graduate School) and Nan Kim (History), Co-Principal Investigators; Thomas Malaby (Anthropology), Stuart Moulthrop (English), Maureen Ryan (C21), Whitney Moon (Architecture), Marc Tasman (JAMS), Christopher Cantwell (History), Joe Walzer (History)

Muslim Milwaukee Project
The Muslim Milwaukee Project brings together researchers in anthropology, geography, and women’s and gender studies who are working with Milwaukee Muslim communities to understand their community-building, art-making, and activist practices.

Faculty members: Kristin Sziarto (Geography, Urban Studies), Anna Mansson McGinty (Geography, Women’s and Gender Studies), and Caroline Seymour-Jorn (FICL)

Student member: Leila Saboori

#ArtinHigherEd: The Role of University Art Collections and Museums
The #ArtinHigherEd Collaboratory seeks to (re)consider the role of museums and art collections (defined broadly across diverse media and embracing multiple traditions) in classrooms, on campuses, and in the community—specifically focusing on UWM’s Emile H. Mathis Art Gallery and the UWM Art Collection (UWMAC).

This collaboratory culminates in the #ArtinHigherEd symposium, April 17-18. Bringing together local, regional, and national speakers from university art museums, galleries, and art history departments, the symposium explores how university art collections and exhibition spaces can be harnessed for the core missions of teaching, research, and outreach. Find out more and register for free at https://c21uwm.com/art-in-higher-ed/

Faculty members: Kay Wells (Art History), Jasmine Alinder (History, Associate Dean for Humanities), Joy Beckman (Beloit College), Linda Corbin-Pardee (Student Involvement), Derek Counts (Art History), Leigh Mahlik (Curator, Emile H Mathis Art Gallery and UWMAC), David Pacifico (Director, Emile H Mathis Art Gallery and UWMAC), Hilary Snow (Honors College), Bill Wood, (Director, Graduate Certificate Program in Museum Studies), and Max Yela (Head of Special Collections, UWM Libraries)

Student members: Hannah Rillie (Art History)

Critical East Asian Humanities Reading Group
The Critical East Asian Humanities Reading Group brings together UWM and Marquette researchers in history, foreign languages, religious studies, and women’s and gender studies in order to bring the prestigious Midwest Japan Seminar workshop to Milwaukee.

Faculty members: Aragorn Quinn (Foreign Languages and Literature, UWM), Nan Kim (History, UWM), Hilary Snow (Honors College, UWM), David Divalerio (History and Religious Studies, UWM), Xin Huang (Women and Gender Studies, UWM), Kevin Mulholland (Foreign Languages and Literature, UWM), and Michael Wert (History, Marquette University)