Why study Supply Chain and Operations Management?

Supply Chain and Operations Management (SCOM) examines the key business processes to plan, source (procure), make, and deliver a product or service to the customer.  The “SC” in the curriculum revolves around the supply, storage, and movement of materials and finished goods. The “OM” focuses on the efficient and effective use of human resources, machines, and other resources.

Contrary to what you might think, Supply Chain management is not just important to manufacturing. In fact, the service industry, health care sector, and retail also heavily utilize supply chain management to lower costs, improve efficiencies, and enhance customer satisfaction. And who do you think makes disaster response work effectively, when hours count? Supply chain experts!

As you might suspect, technology is one of the most important facets in supply chain, and the Lubar program emphasizes information technology management, including enterprise resource planning. Other important components include product development lean operations, Six Sigma, and mass customization.

My internship at Johnson Controls has taken what I learned in the classrooms and expanded on those classes. I am learning how to run a project and all that comes with it.  I’m gaining great insight into how industries work and how a change can alter an industry to become a world class supply chain.

Rebecca Theresa Lynn Pfannes
Supply Chain Excellence Intern
Johnson Controls

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Supply Chain & Operations Management Major Coursework (21 credits)

Required Courses (15 credits)

BUS ADM 475 Operations Planning and Control
BUS ADM 476 Logistics and Transportation Management
BUS ADM 477 Purchasing and Supply Management
BUS ADM 478 Supply Chain Analytics
BUS ADM 576 Enterprise Planning in the Supply Chain

Supply Chain & Operations Management Elective Courses (6 credits)

Students choose at least two of the following:
BUS ADM 447 Entrepreneurship
BUS ADM 450 Intermediate Finance
BUS ADM 460 Retail Management
BUS ADM 466 Business to Business Sales and Marketing
BUS ADM 472 Special Topics in Supply Chain and Operations Management
BUS ADM 479 Supply Chain and Operations Management Professional internship
BUS ADM 537 Enterprise Systems Concepts and Issues
BUS ADM 538 Business Process Integration
BUS ADM 571 Quality and Six Sigma Tools
BUS ADM 577 Supply Chain Applications, Policy & Strategy

Students pursuing the Supply Chain & Operations Management (SCOM) Major will also take Business Foundation Courses and Business Core courses as part of the undergraduate degree.

Additional degree requirements and course descriptions for the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.


With a degree in Supply Chain and Operations Management, you’ll be prepared for entry level positions in purchasing, logistics, and manufacturing. Companies around the country and in all sectors of the economy – public and private, manufacturing, service, health care, retail and others – recruit SCOM graduates to help them identify competitive issues in the supply chain and come up with innovative solutions.  Supply chain is among the top-paid business majors according to a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

Having an internship at Modine Manufacturing helped me see how Supply Chain is used in the real world. Being able to work with some of the freight and logistics of the company along with learning programs like Excel, Pool4Tool, and SAP gave me a great head start on real world Supply Chain tactics. Being able to learn these things in the summer helped me understand the big picture of Supply Chain which ultimately helped me succeed in the Fall Semester.

Shane Fulton
Supply Chain Intern, Modine Manufacturing

Companies that have hired recent Lubar BBA-Supply Chain & Operations Management graduates:

Amazon Goodwill Industries
Best Buy Harley-Davidson
Briggs and Stratton Kimberly-Clark Corporation
C&H Distributors Kohler Co.
Cardinal Health Miller-Coors
Charter Steel Modine Manufacturing
Direct Supply Rockwell Automation
Dyson Inc. Roundy’s Supermarket Inc
Enterprise Ryder Inc.
Frito Lay Saudi Arabian Airlines
GE Healthcare S.C. Johnson Inc.
Generac Power Systems Target

Job titles of recent Lubar BBA-Supply Chain & Operations Management graduates:

Assistant Manager Material Planning
Buyer Production Scheduler
Inventory Analyst Project Manager
Logistics Analyst Supply Chain Analyst
Manager Transportation Planner

Enroll in Bus Adm 300 Career & Professional Development to “think career” and get ahead of the pack!  Be sure to select the “Supply Chain” section.


The faculty within the Lubar School’s Supply Chain, Operations Management, and Business Statistics area offer a wide range of expertise, significant research contributions, and important industry experience and connections. Within Supply Chain & Operations Management, faculty knowledge spans logistics, transportation, forecasting, quality management, buyer-supplier relationships, supply chain management, and operations management. Within Business Statistics, faculty expertise includes statistical analysis, statistical quality control, and information measures in decision making.

Many SCOM faculty are affiliated with the Supply Chain Management Institute, which links Lubar faculty and students with corporate partners to examine and research supply chain issues.

profile photoAlwan, Layth C.(414) 229-6253alwan@uwm.eduLubar Hall S497

Professor, Supply Chain, Operations Management & Business Statistics

profile photoFang, Xiang(414) 229-3833fangx@uwm.eduLubar Hall N361

Associate Professor, Supply Chain, Operations Management & Business Statistics

Dean's Research Fellow

profile photoHaas, Timothy(414) 229-4360haas@uwm.eduLubar Hall S487

Associate Professor, Business Statistics

profile photoKosfeld, Mark(414) 229-2673kosfeld@uwm.eduLubar Hall S490B

Lecturer, Supply Chain Management

Associate Director, Supply Chain Management Institute

profile photoKuzu, Kaan(414) 229-6208kuzu@uwm.eduLubar Hall S485

Associate Professor, Supply Chain, Operations Management & Business Statistics

Dean's Research Fellow

profile photoMukhopadhyay, Samar(414) 229-6576samar@uwm.eduLubar Hall S493

Visiting Professor, Supply Chain, Operations Management & Business Statistics

profile photoRetzer, Joseph(414) 229-4427retzerjj@uwm.eduLubar Hall S479

LecturerBusiness Statistics

profile photoSmunt, Timothy L. (Tim)(414) 229-3233tsmunt@uwm.eduLubar Hall N393


Dean's Research Fellow

profile photoYue, Xiaohang(414) 229-4657xyue@uwm.eduLubar Hall S491

Professor, Supply Chain, Operations Management & Business Statistics

Roger L. Fitzsimonds Distinguished Scholar