Chancellor’s Update: A Time of Gratitude

November 24, 2015

Dear UWM Students, Faculty and Staff,

During this time of year many of us will reflect on the people who hold special meaning in our lives. This gratitude holds more value for me during periods of great challenge. My list of thanks is long and I’ll share just a few of the many reasons why I am grateful to our students, faculty, staff and friends.

Remarkable Students, Faculty and Staff

Each of you significantly adds to the vitality of our campus, region and state. The deep commitment and impact of your contributions are not unnoticed. We kicked off the year with the news that UWM was named among the top universities for community engagement by the Carnegie Foundation. We have a robust history of collaboration and partnerships, particularly with research and community service. One recent example is how UWM students worked with the City of Milwaukee to design 20 pocket parks to transform 20 vacant lots. Thank you.

Higher Learning Commission Accreditation

So many of you were involved in our successful Higher Learning Commission re-accreditation process for UWM. This re-accreditation is a powerful recognition of where we are today and our people’s impact. It also represents our academic quality and high standards of our faculty. Once more, thank you.

Research Excellence and Partnerships

Our purpose – at its core – is educating students and conducting research that produces discoveries and new knowledge. This is amplified when we combine these strengths with partnerships and strategic investment.

One example is the collaborative work of our College of Engineering and Applied Science faculty and graduate students to develop a wrench that is now in production with Kenosha’s Snap-On Tools to prevent painful, costly worker injuries.

Our new Lubar Center for Entrepreneurship is another example. Sheldon and Marianne Lubar’s $10 million gift and a match from the UW System will be used to construct a new entrepreneurship center to be co-located with a new welcome center, which will serve as the gateway to our campus. This work will strengthen and benefit students as well as startup and growing companies throughout the region.

Another example is the partnership with the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare and the College of Health Sciences to build and develop the Center on Aging and Translational Research (CATR), translating research into practice in the Milwaukee community, the state, and beyond.

A new partnership with MATC and MPS called M3 will better prepare K-12 students for post-secondary education and jobs. Together, we can have dramatic impact when we combine the energy, connections and resources of the three largest public educational institutions in the state serving Wisconsin residents. Our reach is in the hundreds of thousands of individuals. And for this, I am thankful.

Giving and Made in Milwaukee, Shaping the World: The Campaign for UWM

We have seen a renewed commitment to giving, both on campus and off. Our faculty and staff contributed the second-largest total in our UWM Gives to UWM history. The fall UWM Gives to Community SECC Campaign is winding up, and we are near our commitment goal to continue supporting the communities we serve. Your participation in the Panther Prowl this year raised more than $40,000 for student scholarships. Philanthropic support for UWM is on the rise with more than $88 million raised so far through Made in Milwaukee, Shaping the World: The Campaign for UWM. These generous contributions are already supporting student success, research excellence, and community engagement – the three pillars of the campaign that align with our strategic directions.

These are just a handful among numerous examples of the truly remarkable and important impact that you have. I want you to know that none of what UWM stands for would be possible without your talents, commitment, fortitude, and support. Once more, I cannot thank you enough.

My very best wishes to you, your family and friends for a safe and happy holiday.

Best regards,

Mark A. Mone