Chancellor’s Statement on Investing in the Future

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As the 2015-17 State Biennial Budget process advances over the next several weeks and months it is time for us to take stock of the truly remarkable impact that you and UWM have and to share that information as broadly as possible.

I have written a Chancellor’s Statement, “Investing in the Future: Value and Impact of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.” This comprehensive statement illustrates the absolute need to invest in UWM and how a disinvestment can harm the future development of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Please share this Statement – and lend your voice and personal stories – with your legislators, colleagues and professional networks, family, neighbors, and friends. We do not need to look far for examples of the extraordinary impact that you have. Just this week we released the 2015 Research Report which showcases the life-changing work of our faculty, staff, and students.

You can find information about how to connect with your legislators on our Panther Advocates website. You can also learn more about the work we are doing to address the budget challenges on our State Budget Information website. Faculty and staff should not use university resources to contact legislators; please take care to use your personal e-mail. Please know that in my and others’ conversations with our state legislators, there has been positive reception and encouragement.

Thank you for your support, suggestions and counsel. You have my promise that I will fight to preserve the Wisconsin Idea, and to uphold the quality and affordability of education for our students and their families, for a stronger Wisconsin.

Best regards,

Mark A. Mone