Erin N. Winkler

Associate Professor
 Mitchell Hall 221C


PhD, University of California, Berkeley

Research Interests

Racial socialization; Racial identity development in African American families and communities; The impact of gender, skin tone, and other demographic factors on racial identity development and responses to racism; The effect of place on shaping conceptualizations and experiences of race and racism.

Teaching Interests

Effects of racism on individuals, communities, and society; Racial identity development and well-being in children and adolescents; African American families; Qualitative research methods in Africology; Sociology of African American communities; Race and place (nationally and internationally).

Selected Publications

Winkler, E. N. (2017, March). Racism as a threshold concept: Examining learning in a ‘diversity requirement’ course. Race, Ethnicity and Education.
Winkler, E. N., & Henderson, L. (2015, December). “Why does Latino/a Youth Literature Matter? How Children and Young Adults Learn about Race”. The Américas Award: Honoring Latino/a Children’s and Young Adult Literature of the Americas, 7-26.
Winkler, E. N. (2012, November). Learning Race, Learning Place: Shaping Racial Identities and Ideas in African American Childhoods. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press.
Winkler, E. N., Aborampah, O., & Sudarkasa, N. (2011, August). "My aunt talks about black people all the time”: The significance of extended family networks in the racial socialization of African American adolescents. Osei-Mensah Aborampah and Niara Sudarkasa (Ed.). Extended Families in Africa and the African Diaspora, 273-295. Africa World Press.
Winkler, E. N. (2009, August). Children are not colorblind: How young children learn race. PACE: Practical Approaches for Continuing Education, 3(3), 1-8.
Winkler, E. N., Rudd, E., & Descartes, L. (2008, March). “It’s like arming them”: African American mothers’ views on racial socialization. The Changing Landscape of Work and Family in the American Middle Class: Reports from the Field, 211-241. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.
Winkler, E. N. (2003, October (4th Quarter/Autumn)). The Attack on Affirmative Action: The ‘Race Neutral’ Excuse. The Black Scholar, 33(3/4), 41-43.


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