MA Program

Earn an MA in African and African Diaspora Studies

The African and African Diaspora (AADS) MA program is a two-year interdisciplinary graduate degree that offers students the opportunity to develop strong theoretical knowledge, receive training in research methods, compare multidisciplinary analytical frameworks, while mastering the broad fundamental principles that guide the field of AADS. Students can specialize in various fields of engagement involving a wide array of subjects relating to Africa, and the African diaspora, including economic development, race/ethnicity, history, public policy, culture, gender and sexuality, and more.

The MA in AADS can be earned on the path to a doctorate or as a stand-alone degree that prepares students for careers in public service, business, and non-profit organizations.

Graduates in African and Africans Diaspora Studies can pursue or advance careers in education, government, public policy, administration, social work, and other non-profit and public policy enterprises, including non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). Graduates will be prepared to enhance understanding of diversity within their profession; to develop public policies germane to target populations researched; to address issues affecting people of African descent; and to provide education and career development in communities of African descent.

Completed applications must be received by Jan. 31 to be considered for fall admissions.

For more information please contact the AADS Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Nolan Kopkin