MA and PhD Graduate Alumni

Anastacia Scott (Ph.D.)

Director of Community Partnerships and Special Projects at the Georgia Historical Society

Dissertation: Decolonizing African-American Museums: A Case Study on Two African-American Museums in the South

Professional Activities: Exhibition Curator, African Heritage of New Orleans: 300 Years in the Making, Holdings from Amistad Research Center, Xavier University of New Orleans, The Historic New Orleans Collection, Louisiana Creole Research Association, Louisiana Research Collection, Southern University at New Orleans and Louisiana State Museum, June 1, 2018-December 8, 2018
Author, Urban Enslavement in New Orleans guided tour, Hermann-Grima + Gallier Historic Houses, New Orleans, Louisiana, Condé Nast Traveler named one of Best Tours in New Orleans:
Exhibition Curator, African Heritage of New Orleans: 300 Years in the Making, Holdings from Amistad Research Center, Xavier University of New Orleans, The Historic New Orleans Collection, Louisiana Creole Research Association, Louisiana Research Collection, Southern University at New Orleans and Louisiana State Museum, June 1, 2018-December 8, 2018
Author, K-12 African American history curriculum, Amistad Research Center, New Orleans, Louisiana author:


Benjamin Wendorf (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor of History
Quinsigamond Community College, Worcester, Massachusetts

Dissertation: Rail: African & African American Labor and the Ties that Bind in the Atlantic World

Professional Activities:

Published book chapter “Vodou in North America: Healing One Person, Healing the Universe” with Patrick Bellegarde-Smith in Multicultural Approaches to Health and Wellness in America, Volume 1, Regan A.R. Gurung, Ed. (New York: Praeger, 2014).

Visiting Lecturer in Brandeis University’s Department of African & African American Studies, 2015-16

Published article “Evolution of the Subversive Ghanaian: A Review of Gold Coast Colonial Historiography” in Traversea, 2015.

Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of History, Quinsigamond Community College (Worcester, Massachusetts), 2016 to present

Panel Chair, “Legitimizing and Defining Nationhood”, African Studies Association Conference, 2018

Visiting Lecturer of History, Clark University (Worcester, Massachusetts), January 2019 to present



Charmaine Lang (Ph.D.)

Curriculum Vitae
C. Lang, C.V. AADS

Dissertation: Learning to Take the Excess Baggage Off: An Ethnographic and Autoethnographic Study on Black Women’s Self-Care Practices


Professional Activities: Charmaine Lang recently graduated with a Ph.D. in African Diaspora and African Diaspora Studies. Her dissertation research examined the self-care practices of Black women activists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her teaching and research interests include African American Studies, Women and Sexuality Studies, Black Feminisms and Reproductive Justice.

Charmaine has simultaneously pursued doctoral studies and gained valuable professional experience. She has served as the Interim Executive Director of New Voices for Reproductive Justice and the Director of the Reproductive Justice Collective. She believes that the voices of Black women are essential in creating new narratives and practices that will facilitate a balance between activism, scholarly pursuits and wellness.

As a writer and researcher, Charmaine explores all the ways Black women thrive in oppressive and emotionally taxing environments. As a current Fellow in the prestigious Echoing Ida Program, she works to amplify the voices and experiences of Black women, particularly Black mothers and Black women living in the Rust Belt. Additionally, she is an adjunct lecturer for the Department of Women and Gender Studies where she teaches the first course on Black Feminisms. Through these avenues, she explores the intersections of social class, wellness and pleasure amongst Black women, while connecting these themes to the long tradition of Black women’s activism in the United States.

With her leisure time, Charmaine enjoys Chicago style stepping, reading novels and narratives by and for Black women, traveling domestically and internationally and pursuing new food experiences.

Charmane Perry (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor of African American Studies, The University of Alabama, Birmingham
UAB Faculty Profile

Dissertation: “It’s Better in the Bahamas” The Stigma of Being Haitian, Citizenship, and Identity Choices Among Second-Generation Haitians in the Bahamas

Professional Activities:

Perry, Charmane M. 2014. “Invasion from the South: Social Construction of the Haitian ‘Other’ in The Bahamas.” International Journal of Bahamian Studies, 20(1): 1-12.

Collaborator/Content Developer for “My Sherman Park” documentary at the Milwaukee-based non-profit Safe & Sound, 2018.

Crystal Edwards (Ph.D.)

Assistant Professor of Africana Studies at California State University, Long Beach.
CSULB Faculty Profile

Former Visiting Scholar, African American Studies, University of Houston, Texas

Dissertation: Her-Story: Black, Middle School Girls Exploring Their Intersectional Identities

Professional Activities:

Conyers, J.L, Edwards, C.L, and Thompson, K. African Americans in Higher Education: A Critical Study of Social and Philosophical Foundations of Africana Culture. Myers Publishing, ME. Forthcoming.

Edwards, C.L. Black girls experiencing their intersectional identities in schools: HER-Story. Maryland: Lexington Books. Forthcoming.

Edwards, C. L., & Scott, A. J. (2018). Why Decoloniality? In J. L. Conyers (Ed.), Africana Methodologies. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, TX.


Crystal Ellis

Crystal Ellis (Ph.D.)

Dissertation: In Defense of Black Women: Black Women Advocacy and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, 1945-1955




Dalila Negreiros (Ph.D)

Dissertation: Instituional Quilombos? Black Studies in Brazil and the United States

Professional Activities: Dalila Fernandes de Negreiros is a recent graduate of UWM’s African and African Diaspora Studies Doctoral Program. Dr. Negreiros is a Brazilian activist in the Black movement, a geography teacher, and a researcher of policies for racial equality in Brazil. Her academic training has been dedicated to research about race relations in Brazil, specifically the relationship between the demands of the Black movements and public policies built in response to such demands. In 2017, she published my book: ““Educação das relações étnico-raciais: análise da formação de docents” (Education of Ethnic-Racial Relations: An Analysis of Teacher Training) by the publisher of the Federal University of ABC (UFABC).

She worked for Brazil´s government as a public servant from 2008 to 2017, always on Black population-related issues. I already worked in promoting food security to traditional communities as indigenous and quilombolas, from 2008 to 2011. Between 2012 and 2015, she worked at the Racial Equality Secretariat, and between 2015 and 2017, she worked in the Human Rights Department in a program against torture. 

Majeed Abdul Rahman (MA)

Professional Activities:

Rahman Majeed A. “Industrial Policy: Promising Possibilities for African Economic Growth and Development.” In Social Evolution & History Edited by Carol Ijeoma Njoku, Dmitri M. Bondarenko and E.C. Ejiogu, Pages 108-122. Moscow: Uchitel Publishing house, March 2018.

Rahman, Majeed “Human Trafficking in the era of Globalization: The Case of Trafficking women in the Global Market Economy” Global Studies Journal Transcience 2.1 (2011) pp1-18

Rahman, Majeed “The Geopolitics of Water in the Nile River Basin” Online Global Research: Center for Research on Globalization July 2012

Rahman, Majeed “Water Security: Ethiopia-Egypt Transboundary Challenges Over the Nile River Basin.” Journal of Asian African Studies (JAAS) 48.1 (2012). Pp35-46

Maxime Sarah Mianzokouna (Ph.D.)

Dissertation: Developmental State Economic Model Versus Neo-Classical Principles: The Case of Rwanda and Burundi