Graduate Student Handbook

The Department of African and African Diaspora Studies offers an MA and Ph.D. program that will prepare students for careers in education, interdisciplinary research, public policy, administration, social work, and other non-profit and public policy enterprises. The department critically examines the cultures, societies and political economies of people of African origin and descent, and exposes students to historical texts and literature, modern social issues, philosophical questions and political crises through an African-centered lens. Students will learn how to view complex situations from multiple perspectives; synthesize known information and hypothesize about the unknown; apply lessons from the past to problems of the present, and critique past practices.

There are two separate tracks (concentrations) in both the MA and Ph.D. program – Cultures and Society (CS) and Political Economy/Public Policy (PEPP). For more information about all degree requirements, please refer to the Graduate Student Handbook.

For more information please contact the Graduate Coordinator:

Dr. Nolan Kopkin
Mitchell Hall 217
Phone: (414) 229-4155