Student Spotlight: AADS Minor, Kayla Chambers, receives Michael W. Ross Scholarship

The Department of African and African Diaspora Studies is excited to announce that Kayla Chambers has been awarded the 2020-21 Michael W. Ross Scholarship.

Kayla is a junior at UWM, pursuing a double major in Pre-Law and Psychology, with a minor in African and African Diaspora Studies. We congratulate Kayla on her achievements and wish her the best of luck on her academic journey!

Kayla Chambers

“African and African Diaspora Studies is necessary to me because it gives a sense of my history and my reality. This study not only allows me to take a walk through my history, but it also unveils modern-day effects. I am thankful that my hard work and dedication is recognized through the presentation of the Ross scholarship. Receiving this scholarship encourages me to continue to be a hard worker because my potential is seen through my diligence. I am endlessly thankful for the opportunity.”