Webinar | “Black History and Black Politics in Brazil with Dr. Flávia Rios

Please join us on Thursday, Oct. 29 @ 3:00 pm (CST) for our upcoming Zoom webinar event with Dr. Flávia Rios, as she discusses Black History and Black Politics in Brazil. TDr. Rios (Ph.D, USP) is a Professor of Sociology at the Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), Brazil. She was a Visiting Student Reasearcher Collaborator (VSRC) in the Department of Sociology at Princeton University (2013). Her main interests are Social Movements, racial inequalities, Affirmative Actions and Black thought. Flavia’s current research focuses on intersections between gender, race and democracy Click here to register. Continue Reading »

Webinar | Talking About Race: Understanding Racial Identity Development and How It Affects US

The Shorewood Public Library and Shorewood School District will how a webinar with AADS Associate Professor, Erin Winkler. Dr. Winkler will share racial identity development models and explain how our understanding of-and reactions to-racialized issues in our daily lives are related to our own racial identity development process. Further, she will discuss some ways in which racial identity development affects children and youth specifically. Click here for more information … Continue Reading »

Webinar Series | Black History and Black Activism in Brazil & the United States

Join us for our upcoming webinar series with Black Brazilian and Black American experts and activists who will share their knowledge of Black history and experiences of Black activism to combat racism and sexism in two of the world’s largest democracies. This series is co-sponsored by the Department of African & African Diaspora Studies and the Black Student Cultural Center at UWM.… Continue Reading »